human rights.

about us

Araminta’s mission is to promote the effective application of international human rights principles in business, government and civil society.

Araminta is a not-for-profit corporation that assists donors in implementing international human rights projects, helps civil society organisations achieve their missions safely and effectively, and serves as a source of advisory services for visionary commercial entities who understand the link between the observance of human rights standards and success in business. We are a collective of practitioners, activists, and experts offering local and global knowledge in applying human rights principles in business, government, and civil society.

Our work supports three core objectives:

  • To defend, protect and advocate for the interests of threatened HRDs and activists in order to enable the continuation of their work and safeguard their communities.
  • To facilitate the implementation of human rights projects in repressive environments by providing logistical, operational, and programmatic support within Araminta’s areas of expertise.
  • To promote corporate accountability and the effectiveness of new legislation by contracting with HRDs and human rights experts for the provision of mandatory human rights due diligence consulting.

what is in a name?

Our name was inspired by the life and work of American abolitionist and activist Araminta Ross. Born into slavery in 1822 in Maryland, Araminta changed her name to Harriet Tubman after her marriage and created what became known as the Underground Railroad, a network of safehouses run by abolitionists who helped slaves escape to freedom. Her fearless advocacy, drive for equality, and dedication to the freedom and safety of others are qualities that we aspire to emulate in our own work.

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