solutions for human rights defenders

The Araminta team carries out a variety of programs and projects aimed at supporting human rights defenders. Our programmatic work is funded by our consulting fees and through support from philanthropic partners. Our current work includes:

Emergency support and relocation assistance for human rights defenders

Araminta provides logistical and financial assistance to human rights defenders, lawyers, and journalists under threat as a direct result of the Russian war against Ukraine. We cover costs of psychological and medical rehabilitation, restorative therapies, as well as costs for legal assistance related to immigration matters.

Araminta is a member of the EU Protect Defenders Platform, the European Union Human Rights Defenders mechanism, led by a Consortium of 12 NGOs active in the field of Human Rights, and the EUTRP (the EU Temporary Relocation Platform) - a network of over 80 NGOs engaged in temporary relocation of at-risk human rights defenders.

Where necessary, we work with partners to develop communications platforms for human rights activists to facilitate trust bonds and sharing of information to support temporary relocation, provision of therapeutic resources, and rehabilitation for human rights activists inside their home country.

Horizontal Networking for Human Rights Defender Rapid Response and Emergency Relocation Professionals

The Russian war against Ukraine saw a significant increase in the need for urgent relocation of activists at risk. Araminta facilitates communication between rapid responders across Europe to come together, share practices, and gain important updates on professional knowledge areas.

EU Advocacy Project for HRD Freedom of Movement

Araminta’s advocacy is currently focused on the immediate problem of supporting the mobility needs of human rights defenders in crisis and the need for visa and other facilitations in order to support their security. . The project supports and directly benefits from Araminta’s curated network of rapid response NGOs in Europe and Eurasia working with activists at risk, which provide key sources of data for HRD mobility cases. The goal of the project is to adopt and harmonize best practices among EU Member States for the facilitation of freedom of movement and mobility for HRDs from around the world.

Back-end Support for Human Rights Movements

Araminta provides administrative partnerships to enable the work of human rights movements – particularly movements that have found themselves at threatened or in exile due to repressive regimes at home. In 2022, Araminta facilitated more than 700,000 EUR in financing to partners.

Nest for Ukrainian Human Rights Defenders in Berlin (UA Nest)

The UA Nest Berlin is a pop-up project for Ukrainian human rights activists, which provides a range of activities, therapies, networking, and remote opportunities in a safe and peaceful environment. It serves as a regional hub and coordinates with colleagues from across Europe also hosting and funding relocation and respite programs to offer on-the ground assistance, a co-working site, shelter and network facilitation in Germany. The UA Nest is designed to facilitate and enable the Ukrainian human rights movement at a time of crisis. It is a structure that is safe, restorative, and welcoming (the nest) as well as one that is temporary and structural (scaffolding) to hold networks and Ukrainian activists together – both those working inside of the country, and those who fled the war. To find out more about the project or, to book a coworking space, please visit:

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